July 10, 2016

Ella so totally blessed

Beautiful happy special day!!! The blessing day!! We had beloved friends and family with us for the blessing and at the after party. Delicious spread of food and drinks. Collin. I love planning parties with you. Thanks for being the best dad to my kids ever. I love you and I'm so grateful you hold the priesthood and that we all have the power of the priesthood. It blesses our family so much. 
Ella was a little angel. Cried a tiny bit during the blessing and then fell asleep and there she stayed, in Aunt Mia's arms for the next hour. 

Left to right: Jayden Derek Kaelir Kedson, Kamree Cone, Jayna Matt Shaylin Emmalin Bronson Coleton Hedges, Mia and David Money, Ete (Sarah was in the car) and Jonah Ahping, Kelly Hazard, us (kids were in primary already), Morgan Tom Oliver Paisley Skeen!!! 

Tradition for my babe to be an angel and then cry in the photos.

I have the best friends in the world. ☝🏻️👇🏻
 Cute girls. Love them so much. 

Gah! Love them!!!! They leave for North Carolina and Wake Forest Medical School in less than 2 weeks!!!!!


Fooooood. Best ever. 

Ella and her buddy, Donny, just 3 weeks apart!
My family!!!!!

Family nap turned wrestling contest in the grass. 

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