October 11, 2013

Desert Botanical Garden

This place is super pretty, it was 75 yesterday, and I got a free pass from the library (each ticket usually $18...whoa mama!) SO off we went for an afternoon with  the cacti.

"A pumpkin," he said.

He stood in from of this sign and told me to take a picture, haha.

Totem pole is one of the only things fed could touch bevause it doesn't have spikes. Everything else was, "sharp."

I include this photo because my 32 week belly is in the background.

Desert wild flowers. Super pretty.

Played in the water every chance he got

About to pass out on the way home

Last night we went to the drive in theatre !! We saw the last 30 minutes if Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (which I did not understand at all), and Gravity. Super dumb movie in my opinion. Very very good laugh. It was a great night!!!

And here's a video of Fred. He's obsessed with his blue coat and the fact that it's cold enough to wear it!!

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