October 7, 2013

Big. Boy. Bed.

It happened. Frederick got a bed. A real bed. I didn't even mean for it to happen but it was perfect and it did. 
We played the whole thing up all day, talking about when dad gets home and we put sheets on and move the bed into his room and how he will go to sleep in his NEW BED!
It worked. He was super excited and went to sleep easily. Let's hope it continues to go well. 

He's getting way too old. 


  1. so how did he do?! did he stay in it all night? rhett did, but ollie, well, take a guess. :)

    1. Aw man, in the middle of the night this alarm went off and he woke up crying for "daddy-o." And that was the end of stating in the bed. We will try again!!

  2. Sleeping babies just get to me every time! I hope he is sleeping in it happily soon. It's a really nice bed!