October 13, 2013


This weather
Teaching Yw today
My husband. I needed him so much this week and he has been there for me every moment. 
Arizona!! I was so down on it all summer but it really is an incredible place to live and I feel blessed to be here. 
The Priesthood!!!
Priesthood blessings
Comfort and confidence I've been given today. I feel I can move forward and continue preparing. 
Trials of my faith. It was a really hard trial for me and I tried to have faith. Heavenly Father is giving me so much love today for trying. 
People around me lifting me up so much. 
The youth curriculum!!! It's crazy freaking awesome. 
My babe inside and outside. I am so grateful. I am beyond blessed. 

Jumping on the bed!!
Jesus Christ!
Jillian my cousin! 

Exciting things coming up like holidays and friends and my in laws coming. 

My mother who selflessly helps me day after day after day. 

My father and his knowledge, love, support, trying to understand me. 

Extra work for Collin. 

Our awesome car that someone GAVE us!!! I love it!!! It's the best ever!!!! 


So many people today texting me and telling me if I need anything to not hesitate to ask them for help (since I stayed home with sick Freddie from the first two hours of church.) I didn't even know they cared!! But they do!!

Okay I have to go inside and spend time with my family!! Count your blessings man!!!! I could go on forever!!!!! 

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  1. What an uplifting post! And I'm a grateful that you shared this!