January 27, 2014

Gilbert temple open house

We were able to tour the Gilbert temple last week as a family and with Collins parents and my mom and Joe. It was beautiful and exciting to be there. It was neat to have Frederick and Hattie with us. I won't lie and say it wasn't a little bit stressful chasing Fred around haha, but everyone was so nice and patient and he want the only toddler being chased by his parents.
The most peaceful part for me was seeing the baptismal font. I felt the spirit strongly there and the water looked beautifully serene. 
Collin and I both remarked that we were excited to go back and serve there after it is dedicated. 

Holiness to The Lord
The house of The Lord 
Where families are bound forever 

Frozen yogurt afterward. 

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  1. so beautiful! and of course little fred is going to run around--he's two! glorious two. and that's how i like my frozen yogurt. absolutely loaded.