January 27, 2014

Harriet Smith special day

Harriet Jillian smith was given a name and blessing by her father this past Sunday at church. It was a very special and beautiful day. I felt the spirit strongly testify to me that she is a daughter of God and has an important purpose on this earth. In the blessing, it was mentioned for her to be baptized, be married in the temple, and to serve a mission! That last one surprised me and my eyes filled with tears thinking of this strong, smart, determined little girl, grown into a woman someday. 
We had many friends and family join us for the celebration-and quite a few not members if our church, but there to support Hattie and us. It was overwhelming. It was a far drive and early in the morning for most and we felt very loved and blessed by their presence. 
And if you know us, you know we like to party and have lots if people in our home, so that's just what we did!!! We couldn't have done it without the major cleaning, cooking and crafty skills of Collin, his mom and dad, my mom, and even little Freddie (while I was nursing a babe nonstop and was able to do very little.) It was all VERY stress free and turned out so well--we had a full house! 

We decided to get our Valentines decorations started early with lots of photos of Hattie and our family. The theme was definitely LOVE! Most of these photos were taken by the amazingly talented Jayna Hedges (jaynahedges.com) I feel so blessed to have had her take many photos of our family over the years. 

It was soooooo sunny. Hehe love Freddie's faces. He was a cooperative and a very proud big brother.

Happy goofballs. Oh and right after the blessing, Collin held Harriet up and she had a HUGE smile across her face. She is such a happy, responsive girl. I love my husband so much. I feel so connected to him. We've been through any trials together and am grateful for his faith and example. Plus he's hot, hilarious, intelligent, coo-coo, and makes up all his own words to songs. And he unloads the dishwasher, mops, and cleans the patio like a champ. Woooo I'm a lucky lady to have these three for FOREVER!!

The moneys


^^^Joseph, Carla Frick, Daniel and Shannon Woodis, Collin and me, My dad and mom, Hattie, ken and Ludona, Kat hogan, Amy amd Derek Valenzuela. There were many who weren't in this picture--May and Pete costa family, Liz and Brock best, Chelsea and Dallen Olsen, Morgan Skeen, and Nathan Jeppesen. 

Food was delicious

^^^ May and Anne a Hattie girl 

^^ Erin Getskow

The aftermath....we all fell soundly asleep.

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  1. i LOVE that pic of you guys looking at each other. fred's face is priceless. congrats on her blessing!