January 27, 2014

Hanging around town and accomplishments!

Heres Freddie going going going on his scooter. We had a great day at the park the other day with lulu and pops. Fred loves Steele Indian school park because there are always so many kids there. "I want to see friends, mommy!" He is soooooo out-going and I always end up meeting awesome families and moms because of him. Everyone loves meeting Hattie and comment on how. It's she is! Hehe, I think she's gorgeous!!! And so smart, hilarious, wonderful, spiritual!!! My children are amazing, unique people who will change the world!!!! A few moms with one child have asked advice on having two...saying they are thinking of having another. I told one that I recently had a breakthrough....and feel like I'm slowly getting a old of things...as long as I am SUPER patient and don't mind taking an extra hour to leave the house and only try to do one thing per day on my own. :) life is good though. I love having a newborn.  Well she's 6 weeks this Thursday....aw man it's crazy and wonderful.

Tandem nursing!!!! Burning...1 billion calories per day!!!! Haha seriously...does anyone know how many?

My sweetest little munchkins. Ahhhh I love them.

Lulu and pops hung out w Freddie the other night and CS and Hattie Hat and I went on a triple date to a suns game!!!! My dad's 4th row seats are sooooo fun!!!!! Hattie did well, but man, she is so alert and where Fred would sleep through anything, she's much more sensitive to sound and wakes easily. Poor darling. Guess she got my light-sleeper-ness.

Smiling big with lulu at her month check up (5 weeks really). She gained 2 lbs and 2 inches since birth and is now 11.5 lbs, 22 in. Good growing gal w gorgeous dimples.

Super cute, sweet brunch some ladies in my ward gave for Hattie and me! I felt so loved. The food was SO DELICIOUS and it was at the cutest home!!!
My moms. The best women ever.

Playing duck duck goose!
Little honey got spoiled

My husbands girlfriend...;)
Super fun English pub w lulu.

So delicious!!! My burger!!
Pool buddies 

My gorgeous friend, Natalie and her beautiful brand new third daughter, Claire! I love them so much!

Playing at the park today
And feeling like I've got it together as a mom. Ha!

Big man talking on the phone..."I'm going to Joe joes basketball game."
Go Joe!!!! What a great, exciting, intensely close, fun game!!! And we won by 1 point!!!

So excited to see this with Freddie in a couple of weeks!!
Look who we saw in the parking lot!!

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