January 4, 2014

REVIEW of 2013!

Collin and Frederick are going out on a date and little Hattie Hat is snoozing in my lap, so I'm going to spend a few moments reflecting on our year. I always like doing this because it reminds me of all the great times we've had and the many many many ways we've been blessed.

Collin, Mommy, and Frederick, New Years Eve 2012
First off, here's a list of goals I made for this year. I give myself 8 points (on a scale that doesn't make sense). Pretty okay. Not great, but okay.

Now let's look at.....


Frederick went to the dentist for the first time!
Frederick danced in the new year


I joined a gym
Another interesting Valentine's Day with the Smiths...
We all caught a horrible stomach flu
One of my best friends married her best friend!!

Joined a different gym and all emotionally adjusted to Fred in Gym kids club
Went to the best 80s Valentine's Dance EVER

Family trip to the Zoo and the BEST kettle corn!
Antique shopping on 7th Ave

MARCH (the best month, so it's the longest!)

Frederick started nursery!!
Lots of fun stuff outside with friends and in the beautiful AZ spring weather
I turned 29!!!!!! and had the BEST birthday, EVER!
We rode a mechanical bull!

Freddie turned 18 months!
Amazing trip North with amazing people!!
Dot the cat turned 2!

We celebrated Easter and the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
AND little did we know, but we were about to get the most INCREDIBLE surprise......


We found out we were having another BABY!!!!!!!! 
And my best friend, Morgan, gave birth to her beautiful son, Oliver!
We visited our amazing family in Florida

Saw our Bean for the first time
Enjoyed the outdoors as much as possible before unbearable heat!!
Camped at Munds Park!


Attended the beautiful wedding of dear Katie to her best friend, Alani! (fred was a dancin fool!)

We visited the awesome Aquarium at AZ Mills
Had lots of fun summer adventures at the Children's museum, swimming, playing with friends, celebrated birthdays, Grilling, and more!
We successfully night weaned
Celebrated DADS

Pregnancy continued and was harder this time around
My 2nd nephew, Weston, was born! Great job, Ashley!!!!


Visits from family
Summer fun and more birthday parties!
Threw a baby shower
Breastfeeding advocate
a weekend of beautiful rain in Prescott!!
The BIG ultrasound


Beautiful day at the Mesa Temple
Realizing more and more everyday how precious Frederick is and how much things were about to change in our growing family.
Monte turned 3!!


Train rides and prenatal appointments at Blossom

Nesbit Reunion in St. George, Utah
30 weeks round!


We started celebrating our FAVORITE holiday!
General Conference filled our souls
Frederick got a big boy bed
Loved the AZ beauty
So grateful 
Celebrated our babymoon and anniversary with a family trip
AZ STATE FAIR with my crew
Delish pumpkin cookies and the cutest little chef
ALL HALLOWS EVE and DADDY got a new awesome job!


I got more and more  and more pregnant and the planning continued.
power outage in Phoenix
celebrated the Young Women
Started getting ready for CHRISTMAS!
ART day

Collin and I celebrated five years of marriage
Giving thanks w family and delicious food


We were ready for baby
My due date came and went
The waiting was an emotional roller coaster but we stayed occupied with lots of Cmas stuff!

The glorious time finally came when this perfect sweet angel came to our family!!!!!!
I became a mother of two and life changed forever!
But lots of things stayed the same :)
A laid back Christmas

For New Year's Eve, we celebrated the British New Year with some families with lots of kids, had BOSA donuts, and then out to dinner with some wonderful friends. We are so blessed and feel so much love in our home right now. Collin has been working hard taking care of us all, and I've been figuring things out, little by little. I just love my main man and two little people and feel humbled to be a part of their lives. 
My goals for the new year are to read the scriptures every day personally and with my family
and when things get overwhelming to stay calm because things DO always work out. 

HAPPY 2014!!!!

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