June 5, 2014

Busy spring stuff

So....life!!!!! It has been busy and wonderful.
Harriet has a strong personality and presence in our family. She seems like she's teething...shows hunger cues and eats until refusal and then wants everything in her mouth! She rolled over on Wednesday April 9th for the first time at 3 and a half months. 
Freddie finished up sports class and he loved it! I did too. Swim lessons started Monday. I'm super excited. It's a small class size for him (3 kids to 1 instructor) and I've heard amazing things. I have to get Fred swimming for real because we plan to be in the pool constantly this summer and there's way to much stress for me in holding a newborn and a toddler w never-ending energy. Hattie and I take the newborn class. Super excited for that too. :)
Frederick has been increasing in his independence and confidence lately. I've relaxed a bit on stressing about the amount of food he consumes and since then he has been eating so much better. He has gotten so gentle w Harriet!!! It's an incredible difference from when she was first born and he is even becoming a better helper (only refuses to "please please please hand me that burp cloth/wipe/diaper/water right next to you!!" Part of the time ;) and comforter to her but most of all he loves to play with and make his baby sister laugh. It's the best. And she laughs!!!!! She has a hearty laugh! She giggles, grins, stares, makes silly faces...and Fred and Collin and I crack up and she cracks up harder. It's awesome. 
Collin and I have tried hard at working together on parenting and budgeting and house keeping and we butt heads but we are learning to compromise and even give in. 

Cutie in her swim suit from Lulu.

The water was pretty cold. I didn't mind it, Fred tolerated it, Hattie screamed, and Collin stayed far far away. Just kidding, he put his feet in.

Made finger paints! Then they sat and grew mold for the next few days. Freddie loves cooking and I love teaching him.
Feeding the ducks. Hattie would crack up at the ducks in front of us. The weather has been getting hotter and hotter. It's sweaty hot in the sun but still amazing and breezy in the shade.
^^waiting for daddy

^^^I often find Fred in a corner somewhere, imaginatively playing with household objects. I LOVE this and sit and watch him as long as I can before he catches me. He's so fun and silly. He asks me, "you want play with me, mama?" How could I refuse??!

Hi babies
Sleep babies

Daddy has to be out the other night for church so we had a PJ party...made popcorn and Fred picked to watch The Aristocats.
Bad bonkers

These guys were total jerks to me out in the parking lot in their gigantic truck. I came in with my two sleeping babies in arms and sat and got an iced hot chocolate and stared at them. Sheesh.
New haircut!! Handsome!

Zoo time!! High five.

Happy girl. Screamed when I put her feet in the water hehe. Love her. 

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