June 18, 2014

My little broken legged babe.

Friday June 6th we were at a splash pad w friends in glendale and Fred slipped on the concrete. When this kid gets hurt he might cry a bit but he's super easily distracted and eager to "get back on the horse." But this time I knew it could be something more because he was screaming uncontrollably for over a half hour. I finally got him to calm down and watch a show on my phone but he was still crying and finally fell asleep. It was pretty awful. Last dec, he hurt his foot and we took him to the ER because he was acting similarity to this. But it was just a really bad bruise. He would still walk on it and it took a few days to get better. We learned from that experience that we will wait at least 24 hrs to get him into the dr (unless blood spewing/bone sticking out..you get the picture..) and if there's something really wrong it won't be any worse for waiting. Well after the weekend he still hadn't walked or even gotten out of bed at all; diaper and clothes changes were a horrible screaming nightmare. (Collin had to cut off a pair of shorts because he was screaming so badly and would let him change a diaper that REALLY needed changing.) ....So the following Monday we took him to our dr. Fred had been complaining about his foot the whole time. He would point to a spot on his foot and favor his foot---well it was the whole leg really, but he kept saying his foot. I think we had said it first and he just knew he was in pain. He loved telling everyone that he slipped at the splashpad and rolled his foot. 
The dr didn't think his foot was broken but ordered X-rays. We had them taken and after a day got a call that it could be Kohlers disease and that they are very concerned. I basically started freaking out and researching and reading everything I could find on Kohlers. It's a very rare bone disease in little boys that happens when there isn't am enough blood flow to the foot and the tissue dies and the navicular bone collapses. It can last up to 2 years! Fred got a blessing and we talked to friends and prayed. Meanwhile we had to wait for a call from a Pediactric foot specialist so that he could examine him and help us figure this out and Fred was just in constant pain, missing church and swimming and fun things and staying in bed. I finally got a hold of someone and pled w them to get me in. They took pity. We got in the following Monday with a dr karlen at the Phoenix children's hospital in Mesa. This place was so great!!! Everyone was so so sweet, nurses comforting, quick to see the dr etc. They took their own X-rays of the foot, leg, hip. Anddddd.....it was just a fracture in his tibia bone!!!!! Nothing wrong w his foot...his navicular bone hadn't even developed yet. No Kohlers disease!! Phew. 
The dr said it would heal in about 3 weeks, that kids heal so quickly and they gave him a boot so that his leg would be stabilized and he could Ty to walk on it.  He wa excited about the boot. They told him it was just like Buzz Lightyear's. He doesn't know who that is but thought it was awesome anyway.
It has been a week and he is doing great. He doesn't really love wearing the boot but he gets to take it off for baths, sleep and swimming. He was okayed to continue swim lessons, and they said it would actually be really beneficial. His instructor, Shauna, at swim kids usa has been really great at working with him. I feel very blessed and grateful that he will be fine, that the power of the priesthood has blessed our lives and that Freddie is returning to his happy, active self.
It's kind of crazy because I have to take the stroller with us everywhere, have to carry him a lot and I have two crawling babes haha. But it won't be much longer. 
Love my sweet Frederick. Ps. We have started weaning!!!! I made the decision, found a blog entry of a woman who weaned while tandem nursing (complicates it!!!) and got some great ideas, and have stayed consistent. I'll write more about it as time goes on. It has been 4 days and he nurses specific times each day and though he gets emotional about it at least once a day, I feel right about this. It's the right time for us and we will both thrive. I love him so much! It's hard to think of life without nursing but exciting to think of my darling best friend growing up so fast. And he is. He is tall and big and smart and sweet and interesting and handsome and the most wonderful little guy. O

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