September 22, 2014

I dunno why...

But I feel my heart is going to burst out of  my chest! I feel so happy right now! Hormones and moods are nutty but every now and again this wave of happiness comes over me (just as waves of down-ness) and overwhelm me with smiles and gratitude. I love my husband and my children so much. Fred and Hat are sleeping around me and Fred just woke up with his GIANT bed head and acted all zombie then was about to start nursing but I told him his has to give me a giant hug first and he did hahaha. 

It's 4pm and that means we should get up and play play play play and start making dinner and daddyo will be home in 2 hrs!!! We will play w Fred's new play dough he got for his bday and then read books books books and clean up and separate some laundry. 

Earlier today we went on a quick walk and went swimming with grandma. It was so great. Hot but not INSANELY hot, so that's cool! And the water was actually COOL! It was all lovely. Then we made and ate lunch. We were talking and cooing w Hattie, who babbles back; she's a great conversationalist and we laugh so hard with her and she laughs back. Hehehhe good babes. Then bed and I watched Call the Midwife while they were sleeping. Season 3 is on netflix now and I LOVE IT so much. Just started. 

Freddie's bday party was SO SO much fun. I'll post about it this week!!! And yesterday was a day full of church as we attended our regular meetings as well as stake conference in our old stake because the apostle, Russell M Nelson spoke! We got to meet him and it was wonderful. I'm going to post my notes on the meeting too. Today I had a problem and I turned to the Book of Mormon and it helped a lot! 

Okay gotta go! I'm STARVING!!! I know my weight isn't where I'd like it but with my daughter being so dependent it's hard to exercise got long periods of time or very effectively. But I know this time is short and that soon enough I'll be able to work hard at the gym!! Can't wait for the nicer weather so we can go to the park and run around outside more!!!! 

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