September 20, 2014


Freddie turned 3 on Thursday and we had a great day together. He is a happy, confident, social kid. He says hi to everyone. He speaks pretty clearly and wants to learn about everything he sees so asks constantly what things are called, what they do, why they do it, or don't do it!
He assumes the best in everyone and makes friends so easily. He literally will take a kid by the hand and say, let's just go play!

Today is another big party day!!! It's his birthday party, a digger/construction theme. Collin and I have been working really hard on this thing for a while. Everything is set up and looks so cute.  I hope people show up! ;) 

Fred is growing up! He has been transitioning to wearing underwear (more in this soon--very one step forward, two steps back!!:) and this morning while we were all still sleeping in bed he snuck in to go pee in the toilet. And then when I was going to the bathroom Hattie woke and started crying because she couldn't see me and Fred went over and told her it's ok and started singing twinkle twinkle little star!!  He's just so sweet. 
And then he said, "daddy hide!!!! Hattie's a dragon and mommy's a lion!!! It's ON!!!!

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