September 13, 2014

New shoes sleep

Today Fred got two new pairs of shoes-one for church and some slip on tennis shoes for play. {We just did three pairs of flip flop sandals for everything including church this summer because a)it's hot; b)it's phx; c)he's 2.5. d) they are so SPENCY!!}

Anyway, new shoes today and he wasn't w us so this evening before bed he tried them on. Let me tell you, this kid is so positive and optimistic {me: "I'm bit sure they fit..." Fred: "they fit mommy! They are good!!"} He LOVES his new shoes. 

Then the scene goes that he wanted to keep wearing them as we are dressing for bed (picture cute happy naked kid w only his loafers on). 
And he really really wants to sleep with them. And of course the answer is no right? Wrong. The answer is, well, this is the only time you can wear them in bed because they are brand new and aren't dirty yet, huh? He agrees and is almost asleep. Didn't even care about nursing because he's exhausted. Then I'm thinking happily, what if this is a tradition for years where we sleep in our new shoes the first night? And wow, we are a family, this is so real, and they are so incredibly funny, smart, interesting, beautiful. 

.....Happy thoughts tonight...

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