September 5, 2014

Today children

After swimming we made a split second decision to go to the children's museum instead of going home to nap. It was so fun. We were so ill-prepared but had do much fun. Fred is my little buddy and Hattie's my girl. I love my little mink best friends. There was done new stuff at the museum too so that was fun.

Can't wait for....fall, Halloween (October), Florida!!!!!, candy corn, holidays, cooler weather and being outside every day!, Hattie learning to walk, Freddie's 3rd birthday coming up, Hattie's first bday!!!!

My family makes me happy. My children bring me so much joy. We are going to start some more structured learning with Freddie, and a new sport in the fall!! And I found this adorable turkey hat/beanie for Hattie that I'm obsessed with....if she will only wear it for more than a second before ripping it off. That strong willed!!!! :)

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