January 16, 2016

Hattie vs the potty

Hattie and the potty!!!
She suddenly a couple of weeks ago started becoming super aware of her body and the toilet. She would tell me, "I pooped again." "Change it!" Sometimes there was poop and sometimes just pee or a fart. 
Then she started taking off her diaper. She was NOT interested in sitting on the toilet, just taking it off and pooping or peeing on the ground. She didn't want to do it in her diaper. But again did not want to be on the potty or toilet. 
Then she started going in her diaper again but would take it off right after, pee or poop and if it was a poop I'd better be aware and be there ready with a wipe. That hasn't always happened. 
Then one night during never ending bedtime (complete with never ending requests for food, water, daddy, babies, necklaces, etc) she took her diaper off and sat on the potty chair that was luckily nearby and pooped in it! We all celebrated, knowing it probably wouldn't happen again any time soon. She loves to congratulate herself, "yay, Hattie!!!"
Since then she pees or poops in her diaper and now will practically change herself. Day or night, and unfortunately many times in the dead of the night when I'm half asleep, she will take off her diaper if there's even just one pee in it and get a wipe and wipe herself and get another diaper and ask for me to put it on. 
It's exciting and crazy. I'm not expecting her to be potty trained any time soon and I know when the new babe comes she will regress in different ways so I'll just be here, celebrating, being patient, letting her lead and cleaning up lots of urine and poo. 


  1. haha. kids are so funny. and different! mine were NOTHING like this.

    1. Hehehe! And neither was Freddie. He would poop or pee only if his diaper was off because I hadn't put it on yet. And he was happy to go in those things forever. At 3-3.5 he started peeing in the toilet and then I bribed/forced him to poop in the toilet.