January 16, 2016

Babe 3 little bee, little bee. (Pand-apple)

I had a dream that I had a baby girl. Collin informed me as I wasn't there for the birth....ha!

Real life:
I was a little worried early on in the pregnancy about how it would work out but I prayed and got confirmation that it was the right thing. Since then I've been nothing but excited about this baby!!!!! It has been wonderful. Then this past week we had a somew hard times and I was reminded of how little I know what I'm doing and how the baby is probably going to be the easy part...it's the two big crazies I have to be worried about. It's going to be hard. Really really hard. But it's also going to be wonderful. Hattie and Freddie have been developing their relationship lately. They have become friends. They love playing together and talk to each other. We do lots of arts and crafts together. It's so funny and fun to listen to their conversations. Last night i asked Freddie what our new baby is going to be like. He said, "me." Good answer boy, really good. 

I took these pictures with the self timer in my bedroom alone. I would have been so embarrassed if anyone walked in on me. Hahaha.....
..Around mid-20s week..
LOVE YOU, little baby. We are all excited to meet you! 

Ps. We have started doing chores together all the time. Freddie responds so well!!!!! He does some stuff that is just helping out the family stuff and during the days I give him extra stuff that he can earn money for his bank by doing. He gets .05 per chore. We love reading the Mercer Meyer book, Just my Piggy Bank. 

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