January 16, 2016

What's happenin' hot stuff??

Lately life...
Freddie got a new bike for Christmas and we have to get creative trying to find places to ride it. We found a little park that has a flat, mostly snow-free parking lot. 
Hattie just wants to SWING!
My big kids. Really. Getting so big. 
This was a miracle that she was wearing boots and gloves. 

Freddie's first day of primary this year. And his second year of primary. He's a CTR now. He gave a talk about the scriptures and told his favorite story which is of Ammon cutting off the bad guys' arms. We remembered hat last year he gave a talk on the first Sunday of the year too-his first day as a sunbeam. He's just a big kid now. 
It was fun to be in primary and watch him interacting with all the other kids and teachers. He loves participating in every activity. He has an awesome sweet class and he LOVES his teachers.  They are good friends of ours and are just funny, awesome spiritual cool people. After Fred gave his talk and say back down in his seat, the kids in his class all put their arms around him. It was seriously one of the sweetest things I've ever seen and I totally got tears in my eyes.

Having fun. Till Hattie realized she was wearing flats and was freezing. 

We go down in the basement lots now. We cleared The big space for the kids to ride around in circles on their bikes and scooters. It's great for getting our energy on these long snowy cold days. We also set up a bunch of toys and puzzles and games and books down there really fun to play with. Our next step in our house will be to organize that room into a game room playroom with a table and shelves and couches. And figure out how to have all our storage and crap down there too. 

So happy to have the double jogging stroller back! We couldn't fit it in the moving truck and finally got it when we were in phx for Christmas. 

Uncle AJ came to town and we went to Crystal Hot Springs an hour north of us. Whoa it was the best ever. Super warm natural mineral water. It's supposed to be super healing too. It has the most minerals in a springs in the world. We and the kids loved it. Spent hours there and then went and explored the tiny town of honeyville. 

Random mansion on the side of the road. Super funny. 

Brigham city temple! 
Went to an incredible Korean BBQ place that AJ recommended to us and LOVED it. Bumblebee BBQ & Grill. So good. 
Then met up with David and Amelia at Sweet Toothfairy. Whoa hat place is good. I've heard about it forever and it was our first time. 
(Dave and Mia are pros). We got a bunch of stuff and all tried it. I've been staying away from sweets so this was overload a little bit honestly, for the name it wasn't overly sweet. A good balance of a salty cookie or cake to the frosting. Anyway....
Loved seeing my little brother so much. He's a sweet uncle and friend. He's an amazing listener, is so smart and self aware and fun. 

We got home and if you look very closely you'll see the deer on the Capitol lawn. Freddie and I got closer and saw that there were about 9 of them. They started getting jumpy so we backed off. It was fun. My first born is up for almost anything. I love having adventures with him. 
Back row at church. 

Best breakfast place^^^^ Cafe on 1st
Sweet honeys after a hard day for us all. More on prenatal thoughts on the next post. 
Grocery shopping day. 3 stores. They were awesome helpers. 
Gonna be dinner and the gorgeous Christmas present made for us by my sister in law, Kendra. We LOVE it and have used it a ton already. 
Busin. Muffins. 

Sleeps. Hahahahahahha ha. Freddie. 

Spying on her in the bath. Ana and Batman were having some sort of love connection. 

A week of snow. It's beautiful. Honestly I didn't like the cold and snow at first but I'm really loving it now. I think I'm adjusting to colder weather and this whole new life in general. Plus it's has been 37 instead of 25. That helps. 
Getting ready for science class at the Gateway Discovery Childrens Museum. We got a membership. Honestly it is just not as good as the Phx Childrens museum. But it's still fun and good enough and will be so great to get out and play at during these long cold days. 

Mama daughter. 

I love this from the Ensign this month. ⬆️⬇️

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