January 23, 2016

Woke up with two snuggle bugs in good moods at the foot of our bed. It's so nice when we don't wake with someone crying! We have been consistently putting our bugs to sleep in their beds in their rooms.  Hattie doesn't nurse at all to sleep anymore. Lots of transitions for these cosleepers and night nursers. They have been doing pretty good. It gets scary in that old dark room with noises and vents. And Hattie is such a pillow talker. Hahah. They have been really sweet with each other. 
Hattie was stirring and Freddie went over and said, " hi Hattie." "You can sleep in my arms." Hehehehhe. 

Then he told her she's really warm and told me she's hot from a fever. Hhaha. 
No such thing but she got up and said,"let's jump!!"
Then Fred (whom Hat calls "Red"): "let's jump and bump into each other and fall down."
Luckily, no injuries. 
Then they are being silly, kicking their feet, etc. Freddie tells Hattie what to do and she happily obliges. 
Dot just watches. Collin is trying to sleep. I have to pee but don't want to get up. Baby is kicking and flipping. 
Good good feelings this early morning. 

....and I just got a head butt to the face and my tooth cut my lip....

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