February 28, 2016

I'm in big trouble. ;)

These days Fred doesn't need a nap. He's fine without one. He will have one every once in a blue moon. But Hattie. Hattie needs one. That girl NEEDS her sleep. Needs 11-12 hours at night PLUS her 1-2 during the day....but she has pretty much been refusing them in general lately. (Also! (And most likely the naps have stopped because) awe haven't nursed in forever! She never asks anymore and it's so strange but she has really led this. Actually she randomly asked this morning for the first time in weeks and I said, "sure, just have a little bit." Those big sweet round blue eyes looked up at me so lovingly and familiarly as she had 'wonky,' and it was wonderful......BUT HURT LIKE *%#**^{}#, so we had to stop. But she is easily distracted with having something to eat instead so no prob. Haha. I fully and happily expect her to start nursing again when the milk all comes back with the baby.)
Ok so random nursing tangent but back to naps-----
Me. I also need a nap during the day. Between 12-2pm I'm completely exhausted and just a 30-40 minute nap helps so much. Honestly, I'll take even just 20 minutes. There's no exhaustion for me like there is pregnancy exhaustion. I'll take newborn exhaustion over it any day. But my 2 little stinkers either won't let me sleep because they want me to read to them and I'll get a book in the face, or someone rushes in and onto my face, with a request, comment or concern.
I try to talk to them, "please. Please my children. Please let mama sleep. I will be happier. Nicer. Have more energy to do fun things and go places and play....cook you food...even STAND or open my eyes!!!"
But always, "mother, no. You don't need this. Or we don't care or we aren't listening and we want to DANCE ON YOUR FACE!!" 
Actually Freddie is fine when Hattie sleeps but here's the problem....when they actually let me sleep....it's because SERIOUS, consequential mischief is afoot. Like, cutting something important into a million pieces or nail polish painting which of course is almost everywhere including their hands and feet and faces or POOP all over an entire room. IM SERIOUS. THIS HAPPENED. 
So what's a mama to do? I have to sleep but I think I'm going to have to figure out a way to do it without the house collapsing. Or worse. 😱😂😂😂😂
Ah motherhood. So fun. Hehe.


Exhausted face with nail polish on it. 


  1. omy. tv? does that help? will they watch a show while you get your mandatory rest? tv with treats?! :) something must be done because YES you need to rest! you're growing a body and raising two others and it's completely exhausting. wish i could come give you some relief!

  2. I think i've been VERY lucky (compared to other moms, not non-moms) in this department, but I FEEL you on needing it. We should talk.