March 22, 2010


From the amazing Amy Scerra, I found out that on your birthday, RED ROBIN gives you a free burger and fries! It almost sounds too good to be true, BUT IT IS! You sign up for their birthday club on the website and get a coupon that lasts for the week before and after your bday. Collin's and My birthday are 13 days apart, so it was PERFECT. We went on Friday and got two FREE hamburgers! It's amazing, when you've just moved, just started new jobs, and haven't gone out in a while, hehe. Don't worry, we've both been servers. We left nice tips since we didn't have to pay. :)

Big as my head! I ate the ENTIRE THING. Oh MAN, it was good. The Sante Fe poblano pepper murdered my insides, but it was worth it.

Collin above, and me below doing my dead/super hot pose. hahahahah. I laugh really hard when I look at this photo.

STARTING TO Bloom!!!!!!!!!

Lovey love.

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