March 25, 2010

Sunday Morning. Brings the dawn in.

Thrashed. 7am on Sunday is early, my friends.

Pretty flowers outside the Visitor's Center at the temple. We had Stake Conference that day and the overflow was in the VC. It was a live broadcast from Utah with President Packer, Sister Thompson, Elder Saniti, and President Jensen. It was the 4 of them in a little studio recording live just for us. What an amazing experience. I felt so close to them, and felt as though they were speaking so specifically to me. The biggest thing I got out of it was the importance of Prayer and how trials really aren't trials if you are looking at them in the correct perspective.
I'm so grateful.

I love the Temple. I love the sun. I love warmth and light and these flowers. I had a huge answer to my prayers. I will be a visiting teaching supervisor, so I will be able to be involved in Relief Society even though I'm in Nursery. Heavenly Father loves me!

Collin is a really good chef. He uses sauteed garlic in almost everything and it smells SO good!!!

Mmmm, good

Collin does everything. I am the assistant. This is a very important job. I take pictures and cut things and he lets me stir.

My hair was very over grown. Then I got a haircut and now it's way too short. I hate getting used to a new climate!!! The air is STRANGE out here.


  1. i love the picture of the temple through the flowering trees.... so beautiful nikki!! your sunday morning pictures are sweet, familiar....funny. 7am is very, very early. ;)

  2. You inspire me! I miss you like crazy! Please come back. Thanks for sharing the messages from the Speakers. Beautiful and needed :) xoxo Love you tons.