March 1, 2010

Goodbye 2010th February

Collin and I took a trip to the Smithsonian Hirshhorn. It was lovely! Mostly colorful modern things and sculpture.
This is by one of my favorite artists, Giacometti.
Just look at this view. This is the best city, ever!

Collin, the art man, telling me everything he knows. He's smart AND sexy!

This is a tiny section of what makes up the next photo. It was awesome!!

Friday was date night (and day). We left on the bus at 10am, went to the Washington DC Temple! It was so beautiful inside. I loved it. My parents were sealed there almost 27 years ago, and it was special to visit each beautiful sealing room, thinking perhaps, this was the one.

It started snowing!!! I now have a grudge against the snow, big time. I JUST NEED SUN! SWIMMING! FLOWERS! WARMTH!

Then we took a VERY VERY LONG BUS RIDE to Walmart in Germantown. We bought tons more paint for our place!!!! It was excellent. But we missed the last bus that goes directly in front of our house, and had to take the one that goes to a 10 minute walk from our house. This paint was HEAVY! We barely made it. We had to keep saying, "okay....just make it to the lightpost..."....."just make it to the brick wall..."......"just make it to that giant snow pile..." PHEW! But we DID make it and we are ALIVE!! It was a long day, but a wonderful day with my sweetheart.

We stocked UP on Easter Treats!!! I LOVE MINI CADBURY EGGS! I want to die with them in my arms! I'm so excited for MARCH, Birthdays, The Smiths visiting, Spring Break, Easter, and General Conference in April! And for it to get warmer!!

In Current News: Collin started his first day of work today! He's there now and happily learning all he can! I'm so proud of him for his hard work and willingness to commute so far for our family. I officially start my job today--after two weeks of training, I'm on my own tonight!

In Strage News: Our shower head broke--OFF. So until we can get back to Walmart, we have these weird hose showers. Back to Africa, woooo!

In Happy News: I love White Tea and Ginger body lotion from Bath & Bath Works.

In Birthday News: Ours are both this month! Mine is the 13th and Collin's is the 26th! Yes!



  1. you guys are public transportation champs. If I had missed the bus with all that paint, I would have probably just thrown myself into a snow bank. Ended it. Looks like a great adventure. We want to come visit DC in the next year. You've inspired me. ;)

  2. AHHH HA HA HA!! I laughed out loud through this entire post! H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

  3. i love me some art museums. that piece/wall you posted a close-up of looks really amazing.

    happy birthday month!