July 1, 2010

A Tour

It is insanely gorgeous in DC today. The WINDOWS are open! NO A/C! ZERO humidity!!! How is this possible!? Either way, I'm grateful because the family from Arizona is here. I was afraid they were all going to die because of how humid it's been. (And I've gotten used to it. This is my home now.)

But they are all sleeping soundly in our house. Collin is at his temp job, and I'm awake because it's 9:30, and I can't sleep past 7:30 these days. So I'll read my scriptures, make tons of lists for food shopping this week, upcoming bachelorette parties, etc, and I'll post pictures of our place.

We cleaned and organized a lot the past week or two. We still have to hang just a few things and paint a couple of spots, but here it is, for your enjoyment. We painted every wall ourselves. The photos are all darkish because it was nighttime. We wanted to get pictures before the tornado of family hit.

Entry way from door
Egon & music corner
This is the game room.

This room's called the library, though the book shelves got moved all around the house. These Peacock walls are my absolute favorite thing about the place.
All ready for a Dad/America celebration.

The Beast. Red Room in Harmony. Matisse.

Below is the hallway. To the left: bathroom, right: our room, straight ahead, extra room.

Somebody was in the shower...

Schiele, towels, and TP closet below
Travel room--will have all our maps, masks, posters and photos from distant lands.

Our room. Vintage dresser.

Look at all those fans. We usually have to use these! Plus A/C! Plus overhead fan! Not now, yay!
True story

PS. Joseph is gigantic. He is going to be 12 in 2 months and he's almost as tall as me. How could I go 6 months without seeing my baby brother? And how is it that he was once a little baby--big blue eyes, goofy smile, bald head??

PPS. We will be doing much for the next 10 days INCLUDING Hershey Park (Collin's first time!) and joining the MASSES at the National Mall/US Capitol for the 4th of July. Everyone around here says we're crazy. I'm excited.


  1. Matisse, blue walls, huge canvas artwork, fresh vacuum lines, big dressers made of dark wood, your game room, your couch, your KitchenAide mixer, typewriter notes, the list goes on.... I LOVE ALL THESE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love your home...i love all of the painted walls. It adds a lot of life to a place.

    My mom is very jealous that you get to spend 4th of July in DC. She says there is no better way to do it! I hope you guys have fun and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Wow, you have TONS of rooms it looks like! I love it- it looks great! How many square feet is it? It looks huge! I hope you have so much fun! It was great talking to you yesterday!

  4. I LOVE your paint!!! You are so daring!!!