December 6, 2011

thinking about fred and Christmas and times

It's Christmas. Christmas time. It's chilly, pretty out, and everything smells like wood burning in a fireplace. Luckily between my husband and my son in my bed, it's a furnace in there and we haven't needed to turn on the heater. I love Christmas time because I can say Merry Christmas to strangers and everything just seems better. 

Times are hard in this world and country and neighborhood, man. Times are hard. But we can't let it get us down. We feel peace, joy, happiness, love. When we argue, it's just the worst because it feels like there's nothing. 
We decorated a Christmas tree for the first time in our marriage! It was so much fun and feels even that much MORE CHRISTMASY. I ought to put a picture of it up on this blog. 

I feel like I'm not doing a very good job of documenting Frederick. Sure, there are lots and lots of pictures, but I haven't been writing things the daily amazing things he does. Like tonight he was crying and then when he saw me he got so happy. The happiest adorable smile ever, with tears in his eyes from crying and everything. It was like, "you're my mom and you make me happy." It was so gorgeous. And now I do this routine with him when he has to go in his car seat. HE HATES it because he's all alone and it's all dark. But I put him in and when he starts crying I "sh-sh-sh. sh-sh-sh." then kiss him several times and he always calms down. Then I tell him where we're going and why and who we'll see and how much fun we're going to have. It works. He then usually just goes to sleep. 

Collin and I both love sleeping with him in our bed. and no WAY do I feel scared that I'm going to roll over on a parent you're way too aware for that. Our pediatrician told us we really only need to be concerned about that if we're 300 pounds or on drugs. In fact, everything I've read lately says that for birth to 6 months old the rate of SIDS is the lowest for babies who sleep in their mothers beds and that they grow up to be happy, sociable, confident, independent, trusting people. :) 

Nursing is going great BECAUSE I have so much support from people. Collin, my mom (who never could breastfeed), my family, friends, women around me including strangers in bathrooms. It's hard. but it's worth it for me. And I'm now really enjoying it. I love those little amazing almond shaped blue eyes looking up at me. And sometimes he smiles while he's eating and acts all shy. What a great little boy. I highly recommend The Nursing Mother's Companion. Everyone is different and it's so important to BE EDUCATED and to TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS for what is best for you and your family. 

THUNDER FOOTBALL is currently in Florida for the National Championship games. They won their first game which was against LAST YEARS National Champs, wooo. No repeats this year. Their next game is tomorrow. 

We've started reading The Christmas Carol, CS and I, and man it is great. Good night. and Merry Christmas!!


  1. Good morning! You are such a wonderful mother. May this season be cozy and peaceful for you three (five!)... Hoping you feel God's love and support always and my/our thoughts of your little family. How we love you!

    And you're making me baby hungry. No way do I want Sophie or Madeleine in bed with me right now (30 rolly-polly minutes in the mornings are all I can cherish), but a tiny newborn? Yes please!

  2. this post makes me so happy. what a grounded, level headed, loving and wonderful woman you are. lucky to have you as my friend! xoxo