December 26, 2011

merry christmas with the smiths

Another Christmas! This one came quickly and I just enjoyed it so much. Still am. 

Holiday Traditions Family Home Evening

Tamra Chambers excellent Baby shower! Polar Express themed!


A trip to the temple with my sweetheart.
Our first time together since I gave birth. 
Freddie stayed home with my mom and 
took a bottle for the first time! Yahoo!
Now we know we know it's possible. 

The gorgeous AZ sky. 
I love Christmas in warm weather.

We were all hanging out one night and 
Anne and some of her family stopped by
for a visit. It was so much fun! I love them.
Sweet baby girl Francesca! I have hopes of 
a love connection between her and Freddie 
some day. 

Christmas ELF!!

THEN!!!! We had breakfast at the delicious
CRACKERS & CO. with friends, Tom and
Jenny, from DC!!!! It was so great seeing them!!
Made us miss everyone and everything. 

Wrapping Cmas presents as a family


Tummy Time

Christmas caroling

AJ did great at the bagpipes

Games, pictures, fun times with the Brugmans
Love them all so much.

Jaycob home from BYU for Cmas

They are having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Uncle AJ

 SELF TIMER TRAGEDY. Literally such a great picture except AJ is half-way out and Freddie isn't in it at all. hahaha. so sad.

 We'll crop em in some day.

PJS for Christmas.

YAHOO, it was fun and STILL HAVIN FUN!!!!


  1. what great pictures! looks like such a fun time. i am so jealous of warmth. i just miss feeling that. ha.

  2. Merry Christmas! Love you guys! Looks so festive and comfortable and joyous! Just as it should be!