December 16, 2011

game night AND sweetness

freddie looks cute in his shine necklace

sweet sweeties

I made these!!

Collin and I decided to have Freddie start sleeping in his own bed in our room now. Last night was the first night. He was just fine! He's been sleeping for longer periods of time and more deeply so that he doesn't wake as easily without one of us so near him. I'm so glad we're doing it this way. It's wonderful because we're both ready now so we don't have to feel guilty one way or another. It's a good time for us and we feel it's right for Frederick too. We both loved having our little darling to cuddle with all night. And now it is wonderful to be just the two of us, all tangled up together. He sleeps so peacefully on his back in his sweet little crib. I feel that by waiting till when we feel these things are right instead of just doing thigns because people tell us we need to we'll be more confident parents and Freddie will be a more confident child. Breastfeeding is going awesome. I'm still feeding on demand and he is working out a routine himself. He'll go a little longer now and has started waking 1 less time at night. He knows what he needs, and I'm here to give it to him. Personally, I don't have anything else to do! hehe. I love being a mom. Frederick is so alert and wonderful. He's amazing. We're so blessed. And so happy for Christmas time together!

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