July 17, 2012

10 month old eve

Fred turns 10 months old tomorrow. What the!? When did that happen? Well apparently he has the ability to walk and has started to choose that over crawling more and more. He laughs at everything. He brings so much happiness to our family. He loves swimming and dancing and talking all day long. This is one active kid. He's so friendly with others, just like his daddy, who he, by the way, already idolizes. Fred likes to be a little naughty too. He loves to knock the kitties' water bowls over a million times a day; he is constantly trying to eat their food. He loves to pull out all the books and movies. He's helpful too! He pushes around the vacuum or follows me around while I'm vacuuming. I love this kid. He's my best friend (after Collin of course!) I can tell he loves me or at least likes me. haha. He still loves to nurse and I love it just as much. I love those big blue eyes staring up at me. We'll stare and stare until someone cracks a smile and milk goes everywhere. It's wonderful. (you've gotta be there??)

LOVE you, Frederick!!

1 comment:

  1. of course he loves you! you're his mama! he wants you more than anyone else (except for maybe collin). i'm so sad ollie and freddie don't live closer to each other. maybe they can be roommates at byu? you know, should they choose to go there. :)