June 2, 2013


I have been very emotional today. I felt the spirit strongly at the wedding we attended last night. My dear friend, Katie was married to her best friend, Alani Tufi, in the Mesa temple. They had a ring ceremony where their Bishop testified of the love they had for each other and for God. I knew they were making the right choice. 

I had such a great time w my little family in the making. We ate and danced and laughed. I feel that God loves me and that he is my father. And he allows me these blessings.

Today at church people shared their intimate testimonies, their struggles. I felt the strength and reality of our ward family. I feel humbled to know these beautiful people and feel so happy about the successes and stories they share. 

I'm teaching today in young women's and I again feel humbled. Ill miss my husband being set apart in his new calling but I have committed to support him and I know I'll be where I'm supposed to. Ill be starting the discussion on supporting and upholding the Priesthood, but I have asked a bunch of the girls to teach what they feel about it. When they speak I feel the spirit so strongly. I know the Holy Ghost will be there. 

I love my husband and my son and my extended family.  I know we are in ward families to support each other. I know Heavenly Father loves me. 


  1. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful testimony. I love how you live your faith, share your love and testimony, and support those around you. You have a very zion-like heart. I love you!!!

    What calling did Collin get?

    I love Fast and Testimony sundays as well...

    1. Natalie...elders quorum pres!! Yikes! :) he will be awesome but I'm hoping and praying I can be the support he needs.