July 21, 2013

Weekend escape

Byeeeeeeeeee kitties! We are getting outta this heat. Sorry, you have to stay here :( love ya!

Pitstop: I mean its only an hour and a half to Prescott, but we had a pregnant lady, a toddler and a pup in our company.

Intro: Liz, Brock, and Frodo!!!!!

Super sick funny s'mores eatin

Lovely, comfy night, with light rain overhead. Frederick woke up to this: he was the happiest boy alive.

Loving his chair. We bought this two years ago while I was pregnant w Fred because it was on sale for $7. It's incredible that he's big enough now to open it and sit in it.

Since we were up waaayyyyyyy before anyone else and Fred was a talking machine, we took a long walk around the camp grounds. We loved this beautiful place!! "Run, run, run!" Said Fred, and then he shrieked w glee as a bird flew right in front of him.
I love the outdoors!!

Serious picture-taking face. His dads twin.

And then second breakfasts.

Frodo and Freddie.

And then to the lake!!! Fred had fallen asleep and when he woke up he sat straight up and looked out at the water....."Wow!!! Water!!"

Hey! Daddy get over here!! Yessss.

 Into town for lunch and exploring....and CRAZY FUN POURING RAIN!!
Fred was obsessed. He loved wearing his new little rain jacket we bought him recently. We ate at El Gato Azule..delicious delicious food.

 We also wondered into a few shops including a little gallery where an artist whose work we were admiring was at work in the back room. We were invited to meet him and watch him work!! It was such a cool experience.

Then had homemade ice dream at goodies. It was pretty good.

The smiths in Prescott.

Driving home. Great trip!!!!
This was one of the most relaxing, peaceful, fun trips we've had in a while. When we got home we cuddled our kitties, did laundry, watched SVU, and Collin told me to take a bubble bath while he walked to subway to get me a sandwich I was craving. What a man. I love my family. I feel so happy and blessed. 


  1. I swear you are the most positive person that I know, Nicole! Camping while pregnant would be exhausting (or at least it would be for me), not to mention waking up with the sun with a toddler, but you always have only good things to say. I am sure you will have the most good-natured kids--your eternal optimism and positivity are contagious.

  2. Oh my! Freddie is sooo adorable. I enjoyed watching all of the beautiful photos. It's good to know that you had such an amazing family bonding. I am so happy for you guys. :)

  3. What a super fun trip!!! I wish we could go camping with you guys!!! We have to plan something for next year!! You know, when we both will have little babies...seems SUPER easy and fun!! HAHA!!! No but REALLY!!! Lets do it!!!!