July 19, 2013

Parties parties.

I had a baby shower for my friend Hanna who will, sadly for me, be moving to Utah this month. But it was a great one! It was intimate, with DELICIOUS FOOD, pretty decorations, and good conversation. Hanna is gorgeous. I'm so excited for her...and for myself. I can't wait to have a newborn again. Freddie and Collin and I get so giddy excited thinking about him or her.

Beautiful Hanna, 31 weeks pregnant w a baby girl.

Hanna loves chocolate and mint so I made these mint chocolate chip cupcakes. The frosting tasted like mint chip ice cream yummmm.

And I made my favorite sugar cookie recipe for a party favor. They are sweet but a little salty.

This fruit pizza was made by my mother and was soooo good. Delish and beautiful!

Hanna also said shes been craving and loving steak so we had Bahn-mi sandwiches, inspired by our favorite restaurant in Provo back in 2009...Dew. Collin cooked the steak perfectly and the marinated veggies plus a little bit of horseradish or sri Radcha sauce put the whole thing over the top.

We also had a delicious cucumber salad made by Liz.

Hanna and Liz

Sweetest little tiny baby hat!!


Later that day we were guests at sweet little Kaelir's first birthday. Her mama and daddy did an incredible job making everything so cute and yummy. There were tons of little toddlers Freddie's age, so he had a great time.

Let us out!!

Fred was obsessed w this kiddie pool, and although we still watched him like a hawk, it was practically no stress compared to going swimming w him in a full sized pool and having to hold him while he goes crazy in the water. He loves water! He jumps right in and dies crazy tricks and we've had to fish him out on numerous occasions. And I say practically no stress because it did become a little stressful when he started wrestling this sweet sweet little 14-month old boy to the ground and tried to poke his eyes out. Ack, that Fred is getting so aggressive and physical. I know it's normal, but friends w boys, help!!

Fred did his best to help Kaelir open and play w her mountain of presents. Great time w our dear Brugmans!!

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  1. The baby shower was so much fun. You reminded me of the fruit pizza I made too. Me and a bunch of Moms in the Ward are putting on a wedding shower for Page Williams on the 8th March. She's home for a week and her birthday is March 13th. Maybe we'll do a combined party. If you have any fun ideas let me know.