July 19, 2013

As summer heats up, then backs off to just 110, we have been trying to stay cool and sane. The second one is a little tougher as we have been stuck inside many a day. But this one is keeping life good and exciting.

Baby/mama yoga at midwives rising. 

Fred in the little one class. The teacher said he cried in the corner most of the time but did a few poses. Oh great...

Dis belly.

Haircut!!! He was soooo good! It took it very seriously and just looked in the mirror while sitting very still. He definitely earned his sucker afterward!! 
Handsome man with cheese face.

While bubba slept, CS and I tried out a rotating sushi bar Teharu, which had been recommended to us. OH MAN!!!! It was delicious! It was fresh! It was soooo much fun and sooo inexpensive!! I highly highly recommend it and can't wait to go back again!!

We are in the process of weaning; but still nurse in the morning and at nap time. All I got is some good ol' colostrum. Does this look like the face of someone willing to give it up soon?...I'm not so sure...
Bball games

Super fun carnival wedding reception!! The food was so so good!!

This dude got his fill of sweets (oops..bad mama..)

Late night in n out w joe money

And then I discovered snapchat.

^^^fred loves it too

More fun times at the children's museum..this time w uncle joe, my mom, and cousins, Doug&Shanna, w their two sweeties, Ada and Silas.

BBQ dinner with our best BESTS. We live them so much!!

A day of appointments...first at Blossom and FINALLY heard the heartbeat at 19 weeks last week (ill be 20 week this Thursday) because of my placenta being in the front and making it harder to ahead...though we could see it before and my doc and midwives assured everything was normal. But we heard it loud and clearly! Yahoo. 

Then Fred went to the dentist. This appointment (his second) was a but scary for him but he did great.

This dude LOVES buses!!! He is always talking about the bus and wanting to read stories and watch YouTube videos about the bus. Seriously....I don't get it. Well actually I do. :)

I love this photo....

Beautiful auntie Morgan helping us craft for a baby shower we had for a friend this past weekend (more to come on that!)

Sky ping lots w family. And Freddie is obsessed w AJ. All the time it's, "AJ, AJ, AJ!!!" He shows him all his tricks. 

Playing in water and dirt. I'm basically too tired to go to the real park, so this will have to do, frederick, my main squeeze 

Poor kitties water.

Nap time is good.

I love these kid backpacks!!

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