July 31, 2013

21 week ultrasound

We got our big ultrasound for smith babe 2 the other day. It was so exciting!!! Frederick thought it was awesome. It was a bit of a shock in a weird way...we are really having another baby!! (Duh, my stomach is huge and I can feel something living in there...) but you know...we're going to have another Freddie...someone totally independent and different!!! But I can only fathom another Freddie!!! Collin seemed to just  be 100% happy. I'm really so excited. I love being pregnant...though it's harder this time around...I was sicker, my body is stretching more quickly, I'm older, and I feel achier. Sciatica pain is REAL and it sucks badly. (luckily I have a husband who is the BEST prenatal masseuse of all time and he saves me!!!) But I love it. I'm grateful and excited and happy. Any fear or apprehension is gone at the present.

Don't mind the finger over the photo....Sandy Money!!!!! ;)

EEEEEEE!!!!!! That's him/her! I think she's a she. Collin thinks we're having a boy....then a girl...then boy...then a girl "I guess." hahahahah he's not quite sure. We'd both be happy with either a boy or girl.

Even if we wanted to see the sex, his or her legs were crossed TIGHTLY and did not reveal a thing! hehe. This little one is keeping us guessing and on our toes already.

Now a comparison...
Frederick at his 30 week ultrasound: (looks EXACTLY like him to a T!)

And the two side/by/side. Babe 2 up top and Skittlecore underneath...
They look SO differently!!!!! And that's crazy and scary to me. I have no idea what to expect. But I'm so happy. (can you tell there is lots of emotion going on???)

I mean...another little one of these running around? Yahoo.

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  1. so excited for you. i can't wait for freddie to have a little buddy or budette.