August 11, 2013

bath time fun

Bath paints are Fred's favorite right now (thanks Ashley!! :) He dips his paint brush in and gets a HUGE glob and makes big purposeful swooping motions on the tub walls. It's awesome. And he likes to fill the tub WAY TOO FULL for a toddler and he swims and splashes all over like a mad man and gets everything soaked. While it's a bit maddening for me at times, I have to CTHD and just enjoy every moment. He's incredible, this guy. Oh, and in the last 2 months his vocab has exploded. He's speaking in complete sentences. How did this happen? We're loving it. Today he was all about. "It is Sunday. It is Sunday!" "He is happy." "I want _____ (jam, water, game, Fly Guy ETC!) and "I want raining." Me too, Fred. Meeeee too. 

Oh and Fly Guy is his latest obsession. It's this randomly weird book about a boy and his pet fly. Frederick LOVES it to DEATH. He's constantly asking, pleading for it. For him. A friend gave us a bunch of kid board games and one is this "Peanut butter and jelly," one and there is this large plastic fly in it. Fly Guy in the flesh. hahahah so funny. When he sees flys outside he's like, "GASP!!!! IT'S FLY GUY!!!!!!"

And he gets songs stuck in his head!! He goes around singing, "No one, no one, no onnnnnneeeee." [alicia keys] and this song about a cat named Applebee, and the choo choo song Grandpa Money always sings. 

Annnnnnddd the delicious dinner Collin made us.


  1. We love the Fly Guy books too! I think the girls have read EVERYone!!! The author went to UF...and in a lot of them he uses Orange and Blue for the clothes...So funny!!

  2. Yay!!! I love bathtimes!!! Freddie is just toooooo grown up! My girls slosh around at bathtime as well as we got through a bathmat a night. Childhood! And that dinner looks SO scrumptious! Love you guys!