August 5, 2013

cool stuff; sunny stuff; sleepy stuff

Trip to JC Pennys to buy Uncle Joe school clothes. DID I MENTION THAT MY BABY BROTHER STARTED HIGH SCHOOL TODAY???!!!??? I mean, you guys, I was 14 when he was born and Freddie is almost 2 and I remember Joe as a baby. I MEAN he was right here, in my arms, just yesterday. It has gone by so quickly. What does that mean about Fred? He'll be in College, rooming with Ollie, in no time. (which will actually be awesome.) Joe is such a great Uncle. If you haven't noticed, Freddie has a slew of Uncles, and yes, they are all incredible. (Not to mention 2 amazing Aunts whom I would trust with Fred's life.)

i love baby girl outfit below.

^^^OBSESSED with the keyboard. There are beats happening at ALL TIMES of the day in the Smith home. 

EAT YOUR FOOD and CTHD all at once. (calm the heck down. new parenting style we're trying to try! In regards to everything stressful, serious, comparative to other kids and parents, failures, etc, we say to ourselves and each other, "calm the heck down.")

^^^Fruit snacks are happening :/ (don't look, erin!!)

^^^THE MOST FUN EVER this past Saturday at my mom's ward party at Pecos Park.

We've found an instructor and are starting Hypnobirthing again!!!! We are so so so so excited. CS and I have started reading the book together and are loving the positivism in it all. The class will be for 6 weeks, every Thursday night and our instructor will come to us. He is in our ward and is the most awesome guy with an incredible wife and family. It all is working out so miraculously and we feel very blessed. Click here for the Hypnobirthing website.


  1. I am loving the cheesy face picture!!! So much attitude!! HAHA!!!!
    OH and I LOVE that little girl outfit. I think you are having a girl! And it makes me so excited to find little girl clothes for you!! YAY!!! (So, you need to make this happen!!!) Love you!!!

  2. of course they're going to be roommates in college AND mission companions! hahaha. and this baby you're making now will be roommates/companions with natalie's fetus. and i'm sure they'll eat tons of fruit snacks and not tell us. i love our boys.