August 30, 2013

The zoo!!

Yesterday Freddie and Emily and Charlie and I took a trip to the zoo. It has been 110-15 lately and the forecast said like 98 so we thought it would be great. But it was still insane hot and really really humid. We had a great time anyway, enjoying lots of animals, the seriously awesome splash pad, and other kids. Freds favorite is usually the goats at the petting zoo but this time we did it last and after a few hours of walking around (and he insists on walking always now..."I want walk!") he was so tired that he sort of could have cared less about those super smelly goats. He did talk to them a little. Maaahaaa.

On an update note, Fred is getting so big and independent. He counts to 10, loves the letters F ("for Freddie"), W, S, X and H, and the colors red and white. He now insists on me feeding him at every meal which he is very capable of but I think its his way of still being my baby. He knows that something is coming. He might not be able to comprehend it, but neither can I, but I know he is very aware.

He talks so much; its so fun to communicate. With all if this growing and independence comes more frustration for everyone but we try to stay patient........ha. :)
I'm feeling great. Just get tired and out if breath easily, but IM continuing to work out a few times a week, we are in the middle of taking Hypnobirthing classes again and are loving practicing and studying together daily. I cannot wait to give birth again and to have another little baby, for frederick to have a sibling, to grow our family.

The pictures uploaded backwards and im not redoing it. byyyyye. 

splash pad happy stuff
a bird trying to eat a snake

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