August 1, 2013

World breastfeeding week 2013

I looked through lots of old blog posts this morning looking for some breastfeeding photos in the early days of Fred. Man, how was he ever so little? And so different looking? How did it happen so quickly? He will be 2 in September! 

So anyway, it's world breastfeeding week and month and we are celebrating because well, duh, breastfeeding means a lot to us. Fred and I have been bf for 22 months. It's pretty much coming to a close Any time now. It all started when I got pregnant again and suddenly things became sore, painful, and my milk slowly completely dried up and turned to colostrum. We night weaned, and Fred seemed fine w it. Now he nurses first thing in the morning until I'm awake enough to get up and make breakfast.  I ask if he wants breakfast and he says, "yeah!" And then he will nurse a few minutes before his midday nap unless he falls asleep in the carseat or stroller while we are out. Besides that he doesn't really ask and I don't offer. And if he does ask, he's easily distracted. It is a good time for both of us, and I'm glad for that. Some days I say that I'm so done! And some days I never want it to end. But I guess that's life, huh. I'm so happy ill get to start all over with babe 2 so soon. With lots and lots of milk! (It hard being all dried up.)

Well here are JUST A FEW photos of Fredalicious bfeeding over the past 22 months. Love that boy. Love him. Oh and thank you to the many many who encouraged me even before Fred was born, who supported me from the start and who continue to do so. Especially Collin and my mom and mother in law. 

Fred at 1 day•••

Milk Drunk!!!

He used to fall asleep like this after eating every time. Awww, remember how newborns sleep all the time? Check out my old phone from 2011 behind Fred.

My bug bug!!!

Sooooo handsome. Dinner date oct 2012. 

Camping and nursing at 3 months old. That was a good time, Collin. It was such a dirty trip...I was thrown up on in the night so the whole next day I was nasty. Then we got home and all took showers and got squeaky clean and brought our bed out in the living room for more camping and movies. That was the best. 

Ever nursing, day and night. 

Those dreamy blue eyes. 

The big latch on, one year ago. Aug 2012. 

Breastfeeding on the bus during world breastfeeding week 2012. Such a little boy. 

These are moments of calm in between the crazy. ;)

Mommy and me yoga early 2013. 

And this was yesterday!! Laughing fit!!

He put these on and made this face!!!!! Hahaha!! "Rawr I a monster!!" -Fred 

Fred and babe2 makin waffles w mom. 

Finally passed out today late in the afternoon. 

He's talking soooo much. He repeats everything I say. He counts w me to seven. He sings his abcs like this, "ab, ab, abcs, now I know my abcs." Hehe!! He's growing up so fast and part of me wants it to stop and part of me can't wait till the next stage. 
Well happy world breastfeeding week and happy babies and happy Friday. 


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  2. I love my grandbabies- Sandy