August 12, 2013

up to? up to?

So Freddie got a big nasty bump on his head a week ago. Last Monday was really nice in the evening so we went for a little family walk. We were chilling on a bench and Fred went to get down by just jumping off (instead of turning around and climbing down) and SMACK went his knees, hands and then big smack---forehead on the cement. He was screaming and crying instantly, and when I turned him over to look I was actually startled at how bad it looked. But Collin and I stayed calm, hugged and kissed, asked him to count the trees and he was slowly but not too difficultly distracted. We knew he would be ok. He thought it was cool that he got an ice pack (and now regularly asks for "ice,") and by dinner time, he was regular ol' giggly happy Frederick again.

We had a lesson about the plan of salvation for family home evening (I gave it and passed off more personal progress) and we all had a great time. Fred loved the different worlds and kept pointing to the circles and saying, "around and round and round!"

I love my little family and am so grateful I get to be with them forever.

For my journalling purposes (this might bore you.) For the bedtime routine, currently we turn all the lights off and have lamps only so its more calm and we get on pjs, read a few books in his room; then go brush teeth, and out to the living room for a song, scriptures (the Book of Mormon picture book), ABC song, I am a child of God. Then we have family prayer and its off to bed. We are trying to have Collin be the one to take him into his room to get him used to when the baby comes and I woke be able to do it as much. So he gives me a big hug and kiss and shuts the door on me. Dot always runs into his room with them to be a part of sleepy time. Collin lays down w him and Fred will go to sleep on his own after 10 or so minutes. He loves to try and stall by asking for more water, etc. but it's dark and water is all he gets. He's a good boy.

This is our make-shift kiddy pool. He loves playing in the water, cooling off, being naked outside. Who doesn't?

Dot in the "wild."

My three ones.

Homemade tahini:

We are really trying to stick to a budget and really trying to not spend lots on eating out. The problem is that in this pregnancy all I want to do is eat out at my favorite places. (Not really fattening stuff---pita jungle, Zoe's kitchen, Postino's, Pane Bianco, Lux, etc.)
Genius Collin was like...lets just recreate all our favorite meals from these places. And we're pretty awesome at it.

Here's our version of Zoe's Kitchen's Greek salad hummus plate. Homemade hummus, lemon chicken, whole wheat pita bread, and topped with Zoe's kitchen's delicious Greek dressing (recipe).

Fred in a dog bed at my moms house..what the?? :)

Happy boy. Annoyed dog.

Still craving waffles most nights.
This recipe from here. 

My little brother Joe, loving high school football and high school and life. I love him. (#82)

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  1. What the?! What is wrong with me?! Haha!

    Okay, here is the story. I haven't been in touch with the blog world for about a year. I see your comment on my blog and think, "Hmm... so familiar..." I go to your blog and see some Mesa, AZ and Mormon stuff. I'm like, "Wow! I wonder if she lives near me! Who is this?!" Then I see the little Blossom Birth Center thing and go, "OH YEAH!! They were in my birth class, I totally know them!" Then I'm like, "Wait... how many times have I seen your blog without realizing who you were?!"

    I am going insane.

    Anyway, I delivered at Babymoon Inn the second time. I loved it. I also love Mary at Blossom x a million, so they are both great places!

    I am so happy for your second pregnancy! Yay!

    And... I just read your AMAZING birth story for the second time. So awesome! It seemed so similar to my first birth, too! We should get together and talk about it sometime, relive the Blossom memories!

    I am so excited to read your second birth story. :)