September 30, 2013

Our little Frederick turned 2 years old!!!

On Sunday, September 18th, 2011 at 8:55 pm, Frederick Ian Smith slipped into the world, into our arms, and into our lives for eternity. On Wednesday, Septmeber 18th, of this year, he turned 2 years old!!!!!!!!!! We, of course, celebrated!!!!!

It's kind of funny with a two year old and big events. They are so much more aware and by the end of the day he was all about the HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE! but they still don't get it enough to really get it. Which is kind of's not as much pressure!!! We all woke up, sang happy birthday, and had his favorite breakfast...eggs and BACON! He got to talk to lots of family and friends! Grandma came and we visited Grandpa at work.

my little monster!!!!!

We did some fun stuff during the day, then went to uncle Joe's football game that night and afterward went to Peter Piper Pizza for party time with my family. I wasn't sure if Fred would be into playing the arcade type games at PPP, but I figured at least he LOVES pizza. BUT OH MAN, that kid had SUCH a great time putting token after token into machines and pressing buttons and tearing tickets!! (so Collin and I got to actually play the games!)

His fav will always be DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION.
Freddie had a few presents to open----including Grandma and Grandpa and a package from Lulu and Pops!!!!! Wow, what a lucky kid.....haha.

Loving on the squishy pool toys Lulu gave him!


We had a hot dog bar with every possible topping, and tons of different types of salads/sides. I made a neon cake, but while assembling it right before everyone came, it broke and was busted. So all we had were cookies!!! No cake!!! Fred never even blew out candles on this Bday!! Am I a horrible mom? Probably, but honestly, I wasn't about to stress and go out and buy one and who really cares anyway? We had a great time with great friends. And the cake still TASTED great, so we've been slowly eating it over the past week!!

Fred and Francie!! She was sneaking some cheese balls from him, haha!!!

Collin and the BESTS.

Tom, Oliver and Morgan enjoying the pool.

Enrique and Freddie

Anne, brand new (5 week old!!!) Isabella, Pete, Francie & May Costa

The wonderful stupendous Skeens!

Tamara and 3 month old Aimee Blackhurst. The Blackhurst were some of our first friends in Phoenix and came to the party from where they live in Northern AZ! It was so great seeing them!!!!

It was a hot day and it felt good to be in a swim suit.....though because I was busy socializing I never ended up getting in the pool, haha!!
Me, Kat and Enrique!!!!

Anika and Frederick. We love the Pierro family!!! They stayed and hung out at our home late. The after party!!! :) Greta (not in the photo) and I met at the library baby time group, and have become great friends. She just had her second baby girl at Blossom Birth center. I look up to her so much!

Family PICTURES. Too bad I look nuts-O! BUT BOY am I happy!!! We all are.

Present time after everyone went home

Exhausted after a long and great day. We all slept well!!! Thank you to friends and family who made this a special day. Love you COLLIN!!!!!!!!!!!


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