September 28, 2013

30 weeks

Here is me at 30 weeks pregnant yesterday. I feel pretty much awesome. (thanks E.H.!) I can't believe its going so fast, just like Fred growing up. And getting older. There are so many incredible things coming up soon. Freddie and I were taking about them at the park today. First of all, it's been such nice weather that we stayed at the park for like two hours today instead of 30 minutes. Also there's general conference, Halloween, pumpkin patches, the state fair, Thanksgiving, having the baby!!!, Christmas, new years 2014!??!, Lulu and pops coming to visit!! We are going to make a super awesome timeline with these and more exiting things to look forward to.
My brother, AJ, was visiting for the past couple weeks and on his last night here, we all went to the movie Austenland. It was so silly and funny; we had a great time. Fred was asleep when we went and we were hoping he would just stay asleep like the good old days, but he woke up at the first preview and was awake and alert and interested for the entire movie. Oh boy.
And check out this guy who cut Freds hair the other day. He was like...ok I don't get along with kids. Haha. We were like ummmm....ok. But it all worked out. This kids has had about 5 hair cuts in the last year; his hair grows so fast.
Lastly, I like to take baths and practice hypnobirthing while Freddie naps and my Kitties love to keep me company. Life is good.

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  1. seriously nikki you look beautiful. you are beautiful! you're growing a little human. just imagine!