September 23, 2013

The weather; the times; the life; the mind

Beautiful day today. Uh oh, it's happening. Every year around this time it starts getting gorgeous and cool and it's Halloween (my favorite holiday), and we drive with the windows open and walk to all the antique shops and love Phoenix and forget how miserable summer is. Well man, it's getting really nice out. This morning was 84 and we went to our favorite park and sat in the grass and watched the airplanes land. Then friends came to join us and Frederick was in heaven with all the kids around. He loves playing and being with "friends."
I love being with other adults! This summer was hard and lonely/depressing at times because we had to stay in doors so much with the heat + pregnancy. Plus everyone was so busy. But with the nice weather will come much more to do.

I'm so excited for this season, getting ready for Christmas and our next baby and Collins family visiting. I feel very happy right now. And with that and some photos, dot and I are going to nap. Fred is down for the count.

More blog posts soon on our trip to St George and Freddie's second birthday!

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  1. Ahhhh! The weather looks heavenly there! I'm freeeeezing here! Scarf weather! So glad that you will get to get outside more. Enjoy! And I always think of you and Collin and your love of Halloween this time of the year. You guys are hard core! I love it!