August 21, 2014


Harriet Jillian smith at 8 months:

She crawls all over, super fast! She uses all fours or a tripod leg to get even faster. She sits up high on her knees and waves and thrashes her arms about...either dancing or showing us how strong she is and that she can beat us up. 
She says mama and dada although I'm pretty sure dada was her first word.  She and Collin have really bonded recently. She adores him. When he gets home from work Collin takes her and plays with her and she just lights up and won't stop staring at him. 
She is so tough! Freddie gives her the ol heave ho and mostly she takes it and just laughs a lot...until she's had enough and cries a high-pitched super feminine cry or scream. I love how "girly" it is. 
Girl loves her sleep. She is also interested in every little detail around her and spends time on the floor inspecting every crack and knob. She loves to splash in water and will have a full conversation in baby talk with ya. She "ooooooohs" a lot and we all love to mimic her. She also loves food and will eat anything we give her...she will crawl up to a low table and grab a huge vine of grapes and try to eat them all...before you can even say, "Hattie!!!" Hehe. She also lives nursing and being close to mama bShe is so much fun every day and adds so much to our family. We all adore her. Happy bday darling sweet baby girl. 

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