August 23, 2014

Freddie and the potty chair

Today Freddie helped pour a big bowl of ice water onto my head and then he took off his pants and diaper and announced that he doesn't want to wear a diaper anymore but wants to wear big boy underwear. I said, ok, and explained what that means and what he will have to do and we practiced. Then time after time throughout the day he would say he needs to go potty and would pull his pants down and go in the potty!!!! Now he will be three next month and we have never pushed him. We have had a potty chair for over a year and have allowed him lots of naked time and time in underwear that has always resulted in peeing through them (I don't call this an accident because I don't think he intended for any less.) and who knows---maybe tomorrow he will want to go back to diapers or maybe he will have tons of "accidents" but this proves to me that he will grow up and move on from being a baby and even a child someday. I need to not take his childhood for granted, not get so frustrated so easily and not let myself get distracted. 

POTTY PALOOZA!!!!!!!! ----An awesome book that TALKS about going potty and Fred loves it. We read it all the time. FAQs, steps, songs etc for preparing for going to the bathroom in the toilet and not wearing diapers anymore. It's not about forcing your child to be potty trained, but about letting your child lead when he is comfortable. Who knows what'll happen but I'm excited for these new milestones!! 
Fred and I are best friends. I'm so proud of him. 

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  1. that is so awesome. ollie is so far from being ready...i think. maybe at Christmas? but how fun for you! only one child in diapers is so great. then again, diapers are pretty amazing. i pretty much love them.