August 26, 2014

Potty update

Saturday lots of peeling in the toilet. One accident of forgetting. It was at a friends house but luckily on the tile. 
That night he wanted to wear a diaper to bed. Sunday he was excited to wear underwear again. One accident. Monday morning he POOPED in the potty, first time ever and completely not prompted. That day we had swim lessons and he was pretty insecure and cried for me a lot. (He had a hard time last week too. Not the norm for him.) His instructor said his skill is all there but a) the other two kids in the class cry the entire time and it might he freaking him out but she also thinks that b) working on learning to wear underwear is a big milestone and it could be really overwhelming him. (Which is no big deal to any of us, just an observation.)  He has wanted to wear diapers since lessons. Mon night for fhe we went swimming and had a great time. 
so we will just try to listen to what he's saying and needing and take it slow. 

Honestly I love reaching these new milestones together and figuring it all out. I don't mind him wearing diapers---never have had a hard time w it so I'm good w going at his pace :)

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