August 10, 2014

I love my family

Wholesome Activities Will Strengthen My Family

Read this ensign article. I have been realizing many things recently, one being that I struggle with just sitting down w my kids sometimes. We go out lots and play and do things but when we are home I'm easily distracted while the kids play. This is fine and good for them to be independent but I also want to spend some of this precious time with them on the floor at their level, giving them my UNDIVIDED attention, while they are tiny and so innocent and so in love with me. 
I want and need for them to feel they are the priority. They need it. It will build their confidence and bring us closer together. 
I love these little rascals. 

We've been in Utah and have been loving it!!! Why have we not gone on more long road trips?? They are so good. Hattie gets a little fussy being in the car too much. But it's fun being gone. 
At my cousin, Ilene's, home, there is so much yard and garden. They kids just play and play and are so happy and distracted. The weather and greenery are beautiful. We love driving around Provo. I feel connected to my family here. We are going to see very good friends from Rockville today!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I could die. 
Hattie is cruising on all the furniture, tries to climb stairs, rolls and gets stuck under the bed, plays w all the toys, crawls all over, opens cracked doors, thinks she is generally hilarious (and she's right) and puts lots of tiny objects from a non baby proofed house in her mouth (coins, rubber bands, and more.)

And now I need to sleep more. 

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