August 17, 2014

A friend asked for advice on tandem nursing...

I got pregnant w my daughter when my son was 18 months and bfeeding all the time. My supply did go way down but he didn't lose interest!!!!! It was painful at times but it didn't feel right to wean. Then I had my 2nd when first was 27 mo and when the milk came in he was at first weirded out but then loved it!! The fatty super nutrient rich newborn milk made him grow a ton and gave him chubby cheeks and soft skin. My newborn always had plenty of milk and she comes first with the milk. He tells me, "Hattie needs mommy! She wants milky!" I have been tandem nursing for 8 months. And my son will be 3 next month. It has had it's challenges!!!!!!! Yes!!! It can be downright crazy sometimes and I've felt the guilt many times over him being so young still and having to grow up so much but the bond they share and that I share w each is so beautiful. They nap together and hold hands and wrestle and play and love each other. And in the midst of all his growing pains and learning how to be a part of this world, he has the comfort and security of nursing. It's not for everyone! But it's great for us. 


  1. YES. you do what's right for you. i'll do what's right for me. sometimes they're the same thing, some times they're not. and it's okay. we're all doing our best!

    1. I 100% agree my friend!!! I admire you so much! It's fun having similarities and differences. We do what we can just to get through this crazy life!!