October 1, 2014

Freddie said....

Me: do you think maybe you'll be done w milky on thanksgiving? 
F: no!!!!!!
Me: when do you think you'll be done w milky?
F: ummmm...20 minutes. 

F: if you see a dinosaur, you have to RUN AWAY!!!!!!!

Me: today is Saturday
Fred: No it is NOT SAT
Me: it's October
Fred: No it is NOT OCT
Me: the 4th 2014
Fred: No it is NOT THE 4th!!!!
Me: yes it is!!
F: no!!!!
Me: I'll prove it to you! (Then got out my phone and compared the writing w the date!)
F: I'll PROVE YOU!! (grabbed my phone) let me see...Saturday...October...4th...... 
I fourthed YOU!!!!! (What??!!!??!!) 

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