October 9, 2014


What can I say about my best friend? 
He is always with me. He tries my patience hourly!!! Minutely!!! 
He has such an imagination and is kind, out-going, handsome. He loves to laugh and finds so many things funny. He is very optimistic and sensitive and passionate. He tells anyone who even remotely sounds like they are disagreeing to calm down and stop yelling or not to get "frustrulated."
He is so creative but isn't super into sitting down and doing crafts or coloring independently. He'll do it with you for a minute and then wants to play, be outside, getting dirty in the sand, building something, knocking something down, being loud and wild and free from no no nos.
Lately he's been a little more rough w hattie and the more I tell him to be gentle, the more he ignores me. Hm, working on that one. 
He was wearing underwear all the time but now is back to diapers. Oh well, say we! He has been so active and hasn't nursed as much recently. 

He will NOT allow himself to be called a baby or little or short. He gets very defensive about this.  (But I know he still likes being my baby from time to time.)

He loves to help and show me eeeeeveryyyything. I love cooking with him. Everyday when we leave I put hattie in her car seat and then fred sits on my lap as we back out of the driveway. Then he gets in his car seat (usually without any fight!) and I buckle him while he hits the garage door clicker. It's our tradition. I love it. I hope he never takes the car out for a joyride before he gets his license!!!!

I love this caring, friendly, dance-party-loving 3 year old. 

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