October 9, 2014

Harriet Jill.

Just had to record a few things HARRIET, this morning as I can't sleep. (But my 3 snoring bedmates are sleeping well...and Monte too by my feet).  

She is 9.5 months old. The other day Collin said, "she'll be 1 in 2 months." Both our jaws dropped. 
She is always chiming in in fanily conversations/trying to get a word in!! She says dada (the most and right to Collin), ama (mama, when she separately wants milk, now), bye bye, hi, and this phrase over and over and over that sounds like, "I did it!"

"Iiiiiiiiii di-di. Iiiiiiiiiii di-di." Oh man, it's cute. 

She has known and answered to Hattie for some time now. I also call her Harriet quite often and Harriet Jillian, or just Jill sometimes. 

She crawls and scoots and cruises along furniture. She'll let go and stand now and again but today she did it twice for about 10 seconds each!!! It's so thrilling to see her moving about so independently. 

Today she cracked up so hard at mama acting like a frog, hopping around outside. Freddie and daddyo were joining in and she about had a fit. She thinks we are hilarious. 

She cuddles and sleeps soundly but also gets sooo hyper! Sometimes before nap or bed she will thrash about, twisting and turning and crawling aimlessly in bed. Crazy girl!! But she will tire herself out and start the er rubbing, come and nurse, and fall asleep. Haha. 
We look at her and gasp and say how gorgeous she is. She is soooooooooo beautiful to me. She has it all. Those eyes! That skin! Those awesome teeth!! She is so funny and interesting. She loves playing in the sand and still dislikes getting changed or clothes or declothed and depending on her mood she loves or hates the bath. Loves swimming, loves being worn by Collin or me. Loves exploring and getting into everything. 

I loooove her. So much. 

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