October 11, 2014


After a good ol Saturday full of errands, grocery shopping, international babywearing party, planning, scheming ;), taking care of, feeding, playing with kids, playing in the sprinklers, making dinner, cleaning up and getting no nap.......I put hattie to bed, then Collin got him ready and I put fred to bed.....then....

I took a bubble bath! while watching jimmy Fallon, and used a body scrub!!!! Gave myself a pedicure! Shaved both of my legs in full!! (Armpits, too!!) did a face mask!!!! All by candlelight! 


That was some good relaxing me as a woman not just mommy time. Now where's that good looking husband of mine??

1 comment:

  1. that sounds so lovely! good for you. and maybe collin. :)