March 20, 2015


This is the month of all months!

I turned 31 on Friday the 13th!!!
Freddie's half birthday was yesterday, the 18th, making him 3.5 years old!!!!!! We made him a peanut butter crunch marshmallow treat w a candle and sang to him. He LOVED it. He's really really developing emotionally. He melts my heart daily. He...weaned. It's over. I want to cry about it. I'm so sad but know it's so right now. He's doing really well. He asks for it now and again...but it's not the same as before. It was desperate and stressed. But now it's just when he's kind of sleepy and out of it in the morning or after nap and he gets over it fast. I love him more than ever and we are bonding in other ways. It definitely feels like loss though and im so grateful to still be nursing Hattie. I have LOVED my breastfeeding relationship with Frederick over the past 3.5 years and will cherish it forever. Freddie is doing so so well in primary now!! He had a rough first few months but loves it now. He really loves singing time so much, and loves telling everyone that "he feels his Savior's love when he shares with his sister!" (And then gets to put a chocolate in another container or something!!)
Hattie turned 15 months today, the 19th!!!! Ah my babies are growing up so fast!! Hattie talks SO MUCH and is so physical and happy and smart and beautiful inside and out!!! I'm so proud of her and feel eternally lucky to be her mama. She is her OWN PERSON and let's us all know it. She walks around church in every meeting and says hi to everyone. I let her go free because she always comes back and is pretty well-behaved. I usually have to take her out of relief society 3rd hour because by then she'd had enough and wants to tell us ALL ABOUT IT! Everyone is so sweet and supportive of my family and me. I asked if a certain activity had a nursery or if kids could come and I was told I should ALWAYS feel comfortable bringing my kids to every activity and everyone gave me lots of encouragement and said my kids are cute hehe.
Little kitty Dot beautiful girl has a birthday on the 22nd! She will be 4!! We adore her so much and she is so so good to us. She comes on walks w us, sleeps in our family bed, (right on my chest!), and is a mama cat to the kids.
Collin!!!! My honey bug lover is turning 34 this month on the 26th!!! CANT WAIT! He will get his own post any day now. He is my partner and best friend and I couldn't live this life without him.

Gotta go to Costco! Bye!
I love spring!!!! In Arizona!!!


  1. happy birth-stuff to all you crazy smiths! love you and love arizona (in the spring...and winter...and maybe fall...but not summer).

  2. Sounds busy and fun! Love getting the updates on you guys